Frequently Answered Questions

Like you, many visitors have questions about what to expect in Puerto Vallarta, how good the health care providers really are, what we can provide and others. As you might expect after time they tend to repeat themselves, and in this page we aim to provide answers to the most common.


Is free to use?

Absolutely. The purpose is to provide valuable information to people who, like you, are looking for a doctor and are not sure about where to start. We want this to be a useful resource and thus is free to use.

Do all medical practices listed here really exist?

Yes. We have spoken with every health care provider listed and all of them exist. You will find contact numbers, websites, addresses and a map explaining how to reach each one.

Can MediVallarta recommend one doctor above others?

Unfortunately we can't as it would be unfair to others. However we can recommend a few based on location if getting to and from the doctor to your place is difficult for you.

I can't reach the doctor I'm interested in

The purpose of is to provide end users a simple, easy-to-use platform where to find all of the best health care providers in Puerto Vallarta and nearby villages. All listings include a link to the website should the health care provider have one, the contact information needed to reach them via phone or email, as well as a map to visit them once in the area. The site also specifies if the health professional speaks English, Spanish or both, an added benefit to make your search and communication process hassle free.

We do understand, however, that despite all these resources communication sometimes is not possible because of time differences, technical problems or other issues that may arise. Should this be your case please contact us via email and we’ll try our best to reach the doctor who’s services you’re interested in. When doing so make sure you include who you want to speak with, how you would like the doctor to reach you as well as your email and any phone number you can be reached at (please include any international dialing codes needed).

Does MediVallarta arrange medical packages including health care providers, accommodation, transportation, meals and more?

We don't. The purpose of MediVallarta is to be a valuable information medical resource of local doctors and hospitals for visitors requiring health care, but we don't arrange full trips. This said, should you need help with accommodation, we do work with hotel brokers and can get you much better prices than travel search engines or hotels themselves. Please see bottom of this page.

Is there public transportation in Puerto Vallarta?

Yes. There is a network of public buses, vans (called combis) and of course taxis and many car rental agencies. Be advised that public buses and most taxis do not have air conditioning (those leaving the airport do), something to consider if visiting during the summer months.

If I have a problem with a doctor, does MediVallarta provide some kind of support?

Sorry, we don't. This website is purely informational and is not liable for any damages or problems incurred during your visit, be it for medical purposes or recreational.

I am a local doctor and want to get my business listed. What do I do?

Very easy. Simply contact us by sending us an email.

I have a question not answered in this page.

No problem. Send your inquiry via email